Gyms That Offer The Best Family Memberships

admin on Jun 27th 2011 12:00 am

Gyms that offer the best Family Memberships should include: group fitness classes for all ages, multiple machines with instructions, standard equipment, pools, sports areas (basketball courts and the like), small and individual personal training sessions, free babysitting and local discounts.

Group fitness classes can be structured for all ages and range from Zumba to Yoga to Body Combat. Look for a gym that also offers aqua fitness classes if they have a pool. Many gyms that offer aqua fitness classes have more classes better suited for the elderly, like Arthritis relief and gentle stretching. These classes take pressure off the joints and make exercise more fun and much easier.

Free babysitting is an absolute must for a gym if you have children under the gym’s age requirement. It’s much easier and cheaper than actually hiring a sitter or nanny. Just be sure they are Infant and Child CPR certified.

Local discounts are great because you can try places you might not would have otherwise. Sports areas are essential for many teens and college age people. They are able to practice their sport and have fun at the same time.

Check out many gyms to compare the memberships and amenties offered.

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